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    Proefschrift layout, opmaak, cover ontwerp inspiratie

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    Mac Donald Jose

    I knew proefshcrift-aio.nl as thesis printers from my PhD colleague when time was just about to run out to get my thesis printed-barely two days before the two week deadline to the defense date!

    I sent an email to proefschrift enquiring about their services and quotation. I got an email response the same day and immediately we were in constant touch theough emails. I submitted all my thesis files online and in a matter of a few hours a detailed professional response for the thesis regarding where to make changes or improvement was delivered.

    In brief within 24 hrs the first 7 thesis books were being printed to meet the critical deadline. Proefschrift showed greater understanding in this time constrained situation and above all maintained quality service. 

    The professionally personalized  and very quick service demonstrated by the management of proefschrift was beyond my anticipated expectations! I can sincerely recommend them for printing services whether one is short on time or not. The living testimony is the words proefschrift-aio in my thesis defended on 4th December 2015 University of Groningen!

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