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    Celia Zazo Seco

    I am very happy I chose Guus and his team to do my thesis cover and lay-out. They are very profressional and also offered me 100% of flexibility regarding meetings and deadlines. Guus was always positive and very nice while we were working on the lay-out. He treated my images, some were not in high resolution, into the right resolution. I benefited from the offer of cover design for free. Guus visited me and we discussed what I liked and the different options/alternatives for the cover. He designed some and adapted as I liked it. While working on the lay-out, he adapted it according to my requirements and as many times as necessary. I know other companies that charge you per hour or limit the time they spend on your thesis, this is not the case with Guus, he will work on it till you are sastified. I highly recommend proefscrift-aio for designing your thesis lay-out and cover, you will really appreciate the flexibility and kindness in the stressful end of your PhD :)

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