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    Proefschrift layout, opmaak, cover ontwerp inspiratie

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    Lydia Kwast

    I am really happy with the way Proefschrift-AIO helped me with the lay-out and printing of my thesis.
    I had someone else design the cover and another friend to make the initial lay-out, and this was no problem whatsoever.
    Guus very nicely and efficiently handled the final corrections in the lay-out and made some (useful) suggestions for improvement.
    Communication with Guus was very easy and he quickly understood my needs and wishes.
    When a small mistake was made with printing of the invitations, this was handled very efficiently, and I received the reprint already the following day!

    I would definitely recommend Proefschrift-AIO to anyone who needs to finish their thesis and does not want to worry about lay-out or printing.

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